Revising shidduch requriements

This just came in on the community email list: " Shadchan looking for young men ages 22-26 who are Yirei Shamayim, are ambitious, and who will B'H be able to support their future families B'H"
This appears to be a revision of the post I quoted in "
Shadchan seeking boys between the ages of 22-26 who are Yirei Shamayim, in their thoughts and in their deeds, who are ambitious, and who have a job or are taking the necessary steps to earn a decent parnossah , that will be adequate to support a family B'Ezras Hashem"
pared down and an additional B'H inserted.


Ariella said…
"Jed" emailed his comment to me.While the person attempting to set them up is certainly being admirable, i think its being done the wrong way. Some people may suggest girls they feel are appropriate, but without any form of criteria or fact checking, it sounds like it can do more harm than good. People looking to make shidduchim can suggest their charges attend singles events, sign up for dating websites such as (among others) or post shidduch profiles on appropriate shidduch-oriented websites or listserves. Its a nice idea and a big miztvah to get people married, but posting something so vague doesnt help anybody.

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