On shidduchim

Those who are not cooking or cleaning this Friday morning and are in the vicinity of the 5 Towns can attend this on January 1ST at 9:45 A.M.at Shaaray Tefila

Rabbi Dovid Weinberger, shlita

Do you know what you are doing?
„« When and under what circumstances may one break an engagement?
„« May a Shadchan lie about the age of the young man or woman?
„« The obligation to pay the Shadchan ¡V who is considered a Shadchan?
„« Getting married to a prospective spouse against the parents¡¦ wishes.
„« Advice from Gedolei Yisroel regarding the attributes to look for in a prospective spouse.
„« Disclosing medical and psychological issues ¡V how and when?
„« Proper hishtadlus in seeking a Shidduch.
„« Halachos of one who is asked about a Shidduch.
„« Marrying a baal/baalas teshuva, non-frum or intermarried spouses in the family, etc.
„« Understanding the bas kol which dictates who is to marry whom 40 days prior to birth.
„« Other contemporary issues


BrooklynWolf said…
This looks interesting and, as it turns out, I'm going to be in the five towns area on Friday morning.

For those of us who are OO5Ters, where is Shaaray Tefila?

The Wolf
Ariella said…
Shaaray Tefila is on Central Avenue right near 878. If you take 878 following Rockaway Tpk from Brooklyn, then turn left onto Central Avenue. You will then be on the same side of the street as the shul. There is a parking lot adjacent to it, though not a very large one. The address is 25 Central Avenue, Lawrence, NY‎
Lion of Zion said…
personally i think these matters concerning shidduchim are all dictated by common sense. (the lack of which, imho, is at the root of the shidduch "crisis".)
i guess i live in my own little world. i'm just surprised people would go to a shiur like this. (i guess i have different interests than the wolf.)
Lion of Zion said…
perhaps i posted presumptuously. perhaps the rabbi is giving the shiur specifically to dispell certain notions. e.g., he will tell the audience that it is fine mary a BT, that a shadchan should never lie about the age of a shidduch, etc.
Ariella said…
Maybe the Wolf has older kids and is anticipating or maybe he is close to some people "in the parsha."

As for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but, I once hears that Shadchan in Hebrew stands for sheker dover, kesef notel. Of course, the "professional" ones are in it for the money and may have more of an incentive to prevaricate in the hopes of pulling off the deal.

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