Not the usual spin on Yehudah and Tamar

The parsha Vayeshev, includes a number of developments for the shvatim. Among them is the story of the death of Yehudah's first two sons, subsequent to their marriages to Tamar, and her disguise to trick her own father-in-law into having children with her. Tamar is completely exonerated in the end for her stratagem. She wanted to ensure she would have children from Yehudah's line. When she saw that her father-in-law was merely putting her off, for Shela had reached the same age, apparently, as his brothers and was not given to her as a husband, she took matters into her own hands. She travelled to where Yehudah was, disguised herself as a prostitute, and got his pledge in return for services. Hakthav vehakabala finds it fitting that Yehudah was "taken in" by Tamar; it is a form of poetic justice for his attempt to take her in by evading her through delay and excuses. He was not completely honest with his daughter-in-law, for he had, in fact, decided to withhold his third son from her, but claimed he was only seeking a delay.

This is exactly the same kind of game played by some people I call to inquire about advertising. The one who say, "not now, but you could call me for the next one" never do come in for the "next one." They just think it is more polite to say this then to say, no. But they are still being less than honest and wasting my time when I do try to follow up for the next one. Politeness does not trump honesty when it raises false hopes, as we see from the pshat offered by Hakthav vehakabala.


I don't know, I think as a saleswoman you might see that as a challenge. They are giving you an opening and a chance to convince them.
Ariella said…
There are some quote in Alice in Wonderland on the difference between saying what one means and meaning what one says. I have been dealing with advertisers for close to 5 years now and am known for my persistence. But persistence only works with people who are willing to give it a chance. I've learned to recognize the "maybe next issue" as the brush off that it is. I still do the follow up call, but I know that they will then say "Now is not a good time" or "I can't do it now." Reminding them of what they said the last round is useless because they don't mean what they say.

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