Is this the Twitter generation?

I am on Twitter now, as you can clearly from the side bar. I felt obliged to join in where many bloggers have already gone before and as a means to promote posts on I joined Facebook for the same reason and to add on another marketing tool for Earlier than that I joined LinkedIn, which recently linked up with Twitter just as Facebook did. That brigns me back to the title of the post: Twitter appears to dominate. While there are advantages to quick exchanges, they all add up to quite a bit of time for those who twitter and check their twitter messages constantly. One thing I am not is a texting person who is always looking on a cell phone or some other device to exchange quick messages in the modern code of communication. I really do prefer real English presented in a complete thought with enough detail to flesh it out -- not wordy but developed. As quick one-liners become the norm of communication, inevitably, real writing will suffer. I'm sure the effects are already being bemoaned by college English instructors.


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