Holiday confusion

We're on the White Post Farms email list. Not wanting their Jewish customers to feel left out of the holiday festivities, they've invented a substitute Santa Claus figure. The one who plays him dresses up as what appears to be a white bear with a blue scarf and a blue version of the Santa hat. (It always strikes me how blue -- sometimes set off with silver --becomes the Chanukah color to contrast with the red and green -- set off with gold -- of the more dominant holiday.)
Clearly they are quite oblivious to the fact that Chanukah will long be over by the week that other holiday when they proudly announce: "Santa Claus and our very own Hanukkah Herbie are in town and your kids can meet them every Friday to Sunday through December 24, 2009"


Anonymous said…
In the pharmacy here in town, there is a frum pharmacist. Last year, I recall there were red stockings hanging with each staff member's name on them, except for a BLUE stocking with the frum pharmacist's name on it. He obviously knew about it and must have ok'd it.
Ariella said…
In a business that wishes to inject some "seasonal cheer," it is understandable that they try to merge all the holidays of the season so that it does not appear they are pushing a particularly Christian agenda. Hence, the parties during December would be called "holiday parties" even when they are all decked out in holly, etc. That is the norm in places like NY where people realize there are Jews and others around. I get the impression that it may be more strictly Xmas in other places.
Lion of Zion said…
it's a waste to go to white post farms in the winter time anyway.
(but in the summer time it's the best place in new york to spend a day with the kids.)
Ariella said…
Last year we went for one of the "bouncing weekends," which the kids and I enjoyed. We only have gone during the warm months. It's got a great playground and all the animals are outside. But I suppose they're doing what they can to generate some winter business.
Lion of Zion said…
the bouncing weekends are great (as are the fall festival weekends)

in the winter time everything is in a *much* smaller enclosed area (with less to do/see). we've gone many times, but only once in the winter. we decided it wasn't worth the shlep from brooklyn for the scaled-down indoor version. maybe if you're closer it's worth it.

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