High tech dating: net benefit?

Wolfish Musings: ShidduchVision... What's Right and What's Wrong
What is the real gain of this? I think it is to spare the boy a trip and the expense of taking out a girl he finds unattractive. As boys are expected to pick up their dates and pay for the entertainment of the day or evening, some are reluctant to undertake a date they would consider both a waste of time and money.
This further convinces me that supposed improvements based on modern technology, including the shidduch resume that can be emailed to anyone anywhere in the blink of an eye, actually interfere with young people seeing each other as people.


Anonymous said…
I am convinced that boys and girls of marriageable age have to have a kosher way in which to mingle. The current system is getting more and more unworkable.
Orthonomics said…
I don't know why the phone wouldn't work to help long distance shidduchim get off the ground?

Perhaps I'm missing something.
Anonymous said…
This sounds like a bad idea. VERY bad. I dont know of a way to arrange "kosher mingling" besides the current system, but someones got to have ideas. If someone is mature enough to go about meeting other singles on his/her own, kol hakovod.
Ariella said…
We could propose "Big Brother's dating service" with each side ready to turn in the other, just as children were encouraged to turn in their parents in George Orwell's 1984.

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