Frum N' Flipping: The Irony of Religious Women

When less is more on the measure of a woman's religious observance. Note the suggested segula or skipping the Sukkah!
Frum N' Flipping: The Irony of Religious Women


Anonymous said…
When our family moved from a modern community to a more right wing community, people were really surprised that our young daughters went to shul. But our daughters were used to it, and they liked it. Most of the unmarried girls in right wing communities don't go to shul, starting at toddlerhood, approximately.
Ariella said…
I have a brother in a chareidi neighborhood. His daughters (and I guess his wife) don't go to shul. They also don't ride bicycles and are prohibited from making bas mitzvah celebrations. But that's another story. It is one thing if the girls are watching other children, but I don't really see a value in keeping them cloistered in the house as an end in itself.
Orthonomics said…
I've noted the same trend.
I left another comment in response to your at the Frum N'Flipping blog re: berachot and partaking in the mitvzot sans beracha.

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