Free is free, and that's it.

Some of the newer free Jewish magazines print prices on the cover. These magazine are never sold, but they want to convince people that they are getting a publication worth $9.99 or whatever price they pick out of a hatr free -- what a bargain! One of the area's monthlies just started to do it with its fourth issue. It prints $1.75 on the bottom right corner with a slash through. Underneath that it says in very tiny letters (I would say 4 or 6 point type) "Free Promotional Issue" as if there are other issues out there that actually sell. I don't play those games. Every issue of Kallah Magazine has said "complimentary copy" without any claims of prices to attempt to increase the worth of the magazine in the eyes of other people. People should pick it up because they are interested in what it offers not because they are mislead into believing they are getting it at a special "markdown."
I remember there was an issue with department stores that were consistently offering their jewelry at 40-60% off. As they were never even offered for sale at the full price, they had to add on some disclosure to that effect. What if that would apply to all these publications? They could say" we think these paper is worth at least $1, but you may not agree. So we're giving it to you free. Please take it, so that our circulation figures have some real people on the receiving end." Now that would be honest! In truth, it is advertising rather than subsciptions that bring in the profits for publications.


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