Do you really think B & H love the holidays?

So they say in their commercials with actors supplying the voices of Mr. B and Mr. H. (I was once told that they are, in fact, a husband and wife, though. .I know, they love the spike in sales that comes from the holiday shopping season. But there is some irony in claiming to love "the holidays" that everyone knows is not really about Chanukah but to another that, historically, was a very bad day for the Jews. Some Chasidim still have particular practices for 'nittel nacht,' when their mikvahs are closed. That forms an ironic juxtaposition, of course, to the Chassidim whose businesses rely on holiday sales, including baked goods and electronics. Any way, why are so many Jews here preoccupied with Dec. 25th? My observation that they are is based on the significant number of Facebook posts I've seen from Jews referring in some way to the upcoming holiday and its associations. We have plenty of our own holidays and don't need to "borrow" any.


Lion of Zion said…
"We have plenty of our own holidays and don't need to "borrow" any."

agreed. but i still wish the schools had their vacation now.
Ariella said…
Actually, any school day that there is no bus service is a major pain. There is not enough space around the school to handle all the cars that arrive for pick up. Drop off goes faster because you can let your kids off a bit away. But the logistics don't work for the pick up. And this year, we get 2 Fridays with no bus service! I really hate driving in the neighborhood on a Friday because the traffic is bad even on a regular week. So, as hubby is off, I'm sending him out.

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