Eliminate the hassle of dating -- outsource!

This guy sounds so like some singles in the frum world. The following appeared in a job posting on oDesk.com:

I want someone to manage my online dating profile and set up initial dates with women for me. Online dating is largely a numbers game and it is time consuming and tedious (for me), so I want to outsource it to someone else.

I will provide you access to one of my online dating accounts, some criteria for the dates (they will be realistic, I assure you) along with a list of preferences regarding what kind of women I'm attracted to and some photos of women I'm attracted to. I want to try this for a month (if things go well I may extend the contract). I'd like to have 1-3 dates per week as a result of this work. I will share an online calendar with you so you can schedule my dates.

The only required skill is fluency in English. Some experience with online dating and social networking may help.

In your application please provide a rough strategy for how you'll get me 1-3 dates per week and list any experience you have that may be useful. Also include an estimate of how much time it will cost you to do this work.


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