Gender confusion

This is the shidduch form from of a NY organization. Note that I did not change anything (including the missing d for the word married). Note the language and questions. This is the male form as indicated by references to dating "a girl," but it still asks about"your plans for your husband" and hair covering.
What is the age range you prefer to date? -
What is your Marital Status?Never Married


Other (Please explain)
If divorced, give the following Information:
Do you have Children?Yes No
If yes, How many?
Which Rabbi facilitated the Divorce?
Rabbi's Telephone Number
Which Beit Din?
Educational Background:
What Elementary school did you attend?
High School?
Undergraduate degree?
Graduate Degree?
Current Occupation:
What is your family background
(i.e. Ashkenazi, Egyptian, Bukharian, etc.)
What Languages do you speak?
Religious Status:
What is the religious status of your family?
Fathers Name
Mothers Name
Are you a Kohen, Levi or Yisrael?
Do you Smoke?Yes No
Are you willing to date a smoker?Yes No
For the following Questions answer one of the following: Yes, No , Prefer Not, or Doesn't Matter
Would you date a girl that was once married?Yes No Prefer Not Doesn't Matter
Would you date a girl that has children?Yes No Prefer Not Doesn't Matter
Would you date girl of a different background than yours?Yes No Prefer Not Doesn't Matter
Would you date a girl that converted to Judaism and is fully observant?Yes No Prefer Not Doesn't Matter
Does it matter if the girl is religious from birth or not?Yes No Prefer Not Doesn't Matter
What do you do in your spare time (i.e. reading, sports, etc) ?
When you are married what are your plans for your husband in terms of learning Torah?
Would you want a TV in your home?Yes No Doesn't Matter
Do you plan on covering your hair when you get marrie?Yes No Doesn't Matter
How would you best describe yourself?
What Synagogue are you affiliated with?
Please provide the following information of 2 references that are not related to you. One reference should preferablybe a Rabbi or religious mentor who knows you well.

NameTelephone NumberRelationship
At the bottom of this page, it says: "May you Merit walking down the Chupah as a Kallah, in the very near future, Amen"


miriamp said…
The drop down menus also give "Ba'alat Teshuva" as a choice, rather than the masculine/more generic "Ba'al Teshuva," even for religious status of family. I'd guess it was the female form, and just be confused by the "would you date a girl who" part if you hadn't said otherwise.
miriamp said…
Interesting. They added that one question about Kohen/Yisroel/Levi and changed "man" to girl but otherwise left the form exactly the same. Poor editing, and I'm also offended that the "girl" is asked if she would marry a "man who" while the "man" is asked if he would marry a "girl who."
Anonymous said…
miriamp, it's interesting that point out the incongruity of calling a woman about to be married a "girl". One of the supposedly popular new blogs has the subtitle "A chronicle of life in Israel from a Jewish married girl's perspective." Seems like she's proud to call herself a girl, even though she's married with a child.
Ariella said…
I also picked up on the use of the term "girl." That's why I pointed it out outside the quote. In fact, I would expect that many of the "girls" who are expected to fill out this form would be well into their 20s and 30s.
Tesyaa, "married girl" just sounds ridiculous. It utterly deconstructs the line, "I'm a married woman" to change the last word.

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