Necessity is the mother of DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

It's my youngest's birthday today. She requested an ice cream cake for the occasion. We set out to acquire this cake from a local frozen yogurt shop last Thursday. But we were not successful because the guy at the store said (this was no later than 12:15) that he had sold the last one and had no intention of making any others until Monday or Tuesday, so that I should not expect a cake to be ready prior to Wednesday. Well, a birthday cake after the birthday has past just doesn't cut it, especially when the birthday girl can still be described as "little." So what to do?

Instead of facing a tantrum, I decided on a DIY project. I had a few cartons of ice cream in the freezer. I had my big daughter go with the little one to the local store to pick up the sprinkles of her choice. I let the ice cream melt somewhat, spread a layer even on the bottom of the round ice cream container, covered that with sprinkles and spread a layer of another flavor of ice cream on top, covered that with sprinkles, covered that with another flavor, and topped it with sprinkle. She was very happy with the cake, declared it delicious. So due to lack of customer service, I ended up with a homemade solution that cost me $10 less than the bought cake would have.


Thanks for reminding of my mother z"l. She would split a plain cake and layer it with softened ice cream, then refreeze it. Mazal tov!
SephardiLady said…
My last DIY themed cake was a disaster, but was loved nevertheless. I think I will try making an ice cream cake next b-day.

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