Google ad and Kallah Magazine ads

You may notice that there are now Google ads on the side. I like yo see which ones change according to what is posted. One of the ads that appears is actually also an ad on -- the mikvahcalendar one. More info is provided about it on the Kallah 101 page of

Added: Just after I posted this, I visited the site of a Jewish business that had a banner ad from Google about an effective prayer with "Jesus loves you" in big letters. The problem is one has no control over which ads go in. I did limit my ads to textual ones, but I believe that some Messianic type messages may also appear from time to time. So I apologize in advance if anyone is put off by them. But I only can review the regular ads on my site.

PS I do not enter the individual Google ads and cannot edit their typos as in this one: "Traditional Jewish Burial Funeral home located adjacent to Long Island's Jewsish Cemerteries."


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