An eligible bachelor lacking in funds but not in attitude

SUJMA ISO SSJF. That stands for Single Unemployed Jewish Male with Attitude In Search Of Slim Single Jewish Female. The title of this actual post is " SHIDDUCH: out of work - seeks - a cheap date - 39." As Dave Barry always says, I am not making this up. The following was posted on the (moderated)5 Town Shuls list:
it seems my regular stream of dating prospects has dried up since losing my job.with NY'kers suffering from 10% unemployment for now, I figure there are many ladies staying home from their social life, just to avoid the same social stigma.

instead of missing the chance for summer romance, let's agree to meet on the cheap!I'm an above average looking fellow with diverse interests, curiosity and should see cups as half full, and be able to pour into a single digit dress size.


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