When did Jews adopt the Catholic notion of holy water?

Just got the following in my email:
The amazing segulah (talisman) of chai roitel mashka has proven itself over and over again. Hundreds of people singles searching for their bashert, the infertile yearning for a child, the sick hoping for a cure have found salvation after they contributed chai roitel mashka at the burial place of Rabbi Shimon bar Yichai on Lag Baomer, the day of his passing.hai Roitel Mashka is a specific amount of liquid (refreshing spring water, in our case) that is offered throughout the day to thousands of visitors who flock to Miron. The segulah has been written about in various seforim. The Kedushas Zion, Rav Benzion Halberstam of Bobov, encouraged his constituents to give chai roitel, assuring them that they would benefit tremendously.o many miraculous events have been ascribed to the chai roitel segulah. Contribute chai roitel mashka this lag baomer Perhaps your miracle will be next!


Anonymous said…
Ariella, when I experienced primary infertility for 3 years, there was practically nothing I wouldn't have tried to get pregnant. Infertility can make people insane.

And as a mother of some children with special needs, my feeling is the situations are not comparable. Dealing with my children's special needs is nowhere near as depressing, lonely, scary and just plain miserable as experiencing infertility.
Ariella said…
I agree, Tesyaa, that people can feel desperate when frustrated by their desire for a shidduch or a child. But do these things help them or offer false hope? Perhaps even false hope can have a placebo effect, but I don't think it will bring about actual miracles.

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