From overwhelmed novice to expert writer in just 2 days!

A couple of days ago I received an email from a mother who said she was feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of making her first wedding and wanted to know where she can pick up the magazine. I answered her by telling her that the magazine does not go to her neighborhood, but she can read it online in PDF format at where she could also find listings of gmachs and vendors, as well as wedding advice. This did not seem to register, as she came back with asking again where she can pick up the print magazine. I pointed out that even if she went to an area where it was distributed before Pesach, it is highly unlikely that she would still find a copy now. But here's the real twist: she wanted to know if she can get paid for writing for the magazine as she feels confident she could write a book once the wedding is over. This is only 2 days after sounding like she is in desperate need of guidance! Her claim to expertise is based on the weight of her notebook (in which mothers usually write down their lists of vendors, gmachs, and, possibly their guest list). I am just amazed that a person can claim such expert status that she deserves to be paid for writing about what she's done a mere 2 days after having declared herself to be completely overwhelmed. I suppose I could have referred her to the posting looking for wedding writers for the web with payment of up $20 bucks per article. Right, there is really big money in this type of writing.


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