One form of paperwork reduction

In the past I've received registration materials from my daughters' school before Pesach. Getting out the forms earlier actually should increase cash flow with the registration fee of several hundred dollars that must be paid with each registration. This year, however, we have yet to receive the forms. I was told that the school is working backwards alphatbetically, so a B will be on the latter end. But the bigger change is that the school is skilling the financial aid application forms (which normally have to be in by April) and will, I was told, assign the tution that was assessed the previous year. While it is always nice to eliminate paperwork, and I understand that there may not be time to go through the paperwork of so many so late, I wonder if this will work out. Many people have lost jobs this year. If they were fortunate enough to find new employment, they could very well have accepted a pay cut. So it is more than likely that a person's financial outlook for the upcoming school year will be very different from the same person's situation last year. What if a family is subsisting on unemployment after having enjoyed a household income that allowed them to pay full or nearly full tution? In the less likely event that someone enjoyed a raise, the family may be able to actually afford to pay their tuitons with less of a scholarship built in. So there could be variosu scenarios that would call for a review rather than a default repeat. I would imagine that those who really cannot pay what they paid the previous year would still request an adjustment to the scholarship, and though the school could refuse, that does not mean they will succeed in collecting an amount a family can no longer pay.


Anonymous said…
Sounds like nearly everyone is getting some kind of reduction. My daughter recalls a classmate saying "I'm sure no one here pays full tuition." My 7th grader kept quiet, knowing the story, which is full tuition for us.
Anonymous said…
Another scenario is a younger kid in a family entering the school, a child graduating and going to HS (generally more expensive than elementary), etc. etc.
Ariella said…
I suppose with the new child there would have to be an adjustment assumed. A new child would have to apply even if it is assumed she would be accepted as a sibling, so they would have to have put in for that before the registration materials would be ready.
But you made me think of other "life changing" events like a new baby or a more unfortunate turn for the family numbers.

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