Clueless about color?

Today I dropped in at a wig sale of one of my advertisers. There was a kallah there who did end up purchasing a fall but who did not have a clue about how to find her color. I explained to her the number system, the lower the number the darker the color. 2 is near black, 4 is a dark brown, 6 is a medium-dark brown, and so on. Once you're above 10, you're in blond shades. 30 is red. Higher numbers are usually the individual label's mix of shades, though mixed shade are usually put down with their highlight color and base color. So I wear a 12/8. An auburn is achieved with 30/6/8, which is red, with a medium and darker brown. As even the sister of the kallah, who had been married some years, seemed unfamiliar with the number system, I thought this should be a subject to be covered in the next issue of Kallah Magazine. I will also note that shades differ for the premium quality wigs, as they are supposed to be natural shades rather than dyed hues.


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