Another type of absurdity: "Simcha Stimulus Package"

The "Simcha Stimulus Package" cost a mere $1200. So what do you get for $1200? Food? No. The hall? No. An orchestra? No. This package is offered by a DJ/dancers troupe which work bar and bat mitzvahs. So what is presented as an unbeatable bargain really amount to a significant pack of money just to have people who are paid to liven up the celebration. Back in the days when my peers were having bat mitzvah parties (you know when cell phone were not ubiquitous devices and dinosaurs roamed the earth) there was no expectaton for such a thing. In fact, no one even hired a hall for their parties. If anyone hired any form of entertainment, it was very small scale like a caricutaritst or someone arranging music. There certainly was no troupe of hired dancers. Yet, today, we are presented with a package that pretends to be economical. Anyone else find that absurd? What about just doing away with the hired dancers? What about even scaling back the celebration into a smaller space so that $1200 covers a portion of the more essential party expenses. What we really need is a Stimulation to Sensible Simchas rather than proported bargain prices on completely unnecessary trimmings.


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