I've accepted the fact that Pesach is approaching

Today I picked up my first free 5 lb. box of matzos. Believe me, that is no simple thing at Stop and Shop, which was out of stock on the advertised free boxes. Getting them to substitute the Streit's ($2.99 with coupon and $50 purchase) for the Yehuda (Free with coupone and $50 purchase) was actualy the manager's suggestion but took 2 visits to the courtesy counter with a line of other customers (not buying matzos) each time. I bought a lot of bottles of grape juice, but they have them at the lowest price around and they are useful even before and will keep past Pesach.

I also have begun the Pesach cleaning with the car. With kids in the house it is just frustrating to try to clear rooms out too early, as they, inevitably, carry snacks around with them. All thewarnings to eat only in the kitchen seem to have no effect.


RaggedyMom said…
Great little-known tips!

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