The Wheel of Fortune Does Make its Way Round

A few weeks ago, someone whose husband is "in chinuch" reported that she was turned down for a scholarship for sleepaway cam for her son this year, though she had received it last year. The man told her that there are many far worse off than those in chinuch during this economic downturn. Indeed, many rebbeim make $60-$90K and sometimes even more, making their salaries higher than many full-time city jobs that do not give the summers and all yomim tovim off, not to mention the huge tax benefits of parsonage and the fact that many yeshivos pay the salaries directly to the yeshivos of the rebbeim's children, in effect, lowering their taxable income substantially and allowing tuition payments to be made with pre-tax dollars.

But nothing is everlasting. I heard that YU declared an across the board pay cut of 15% for MTA rebbeim. A local principle said he was flooded with resumes just after the news broke. But he is considering doing likewise, so the rebbeim likely will be faced with what other employees now deal with -- lower salaries everywhere. Instead of being able to advance financially with greater experience, nearly everyone must bite the bullet and make do with less.


SephardiLady said…
I need to link to this. The conversation of raises for Rebbeim is going on at a recent post.

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