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The following is a post that appeared this week in the 5Towns Shuls list [note: I know nothing about this company and am not suggesting or implying anything about it; my point is a different one]. Note that this post's email is one that is off the company's name. Whenever I try to post for jobs for Kallah Magazine, my posts are rejected if I include the email address that is with the explanation that no business names are allowed. BTW a number of FTS posters have emails that are their company names like one that describes the platters they make. But their posts always go through. I'm wondering if any of you can explain to me why the Sunenergy post is compliant and mine is not.

[Note: Message edited by moderator]

We are looking for professional & talented sales experience (both
inside and outside sales-you can work from anywhere!) to help develop
and expand our corporate and residential client base.

This is a commission only position with great financial potential and
growth for the right candidate (six figure+ salary very reachable).

Please send your resume to or call 516-566-
2367 -cell (516-566-2367 - Office) and ask for David.

Anyway this is the post I tried to then submit -- the same one I sent to other shul lists, though those included the magazine name and website and email off the website. As I am well aware of the "rules" for this list, I had already removed any identification of Kallah Magazine by name:
Attention Real Estate Agents
or other salespeople who want to start earning more now! Set your own hours when you sell ad space in locally based high quality glossy magazine that has grown tremendously in the last 3 1/2 years. Contact me for the corresponding website to see the most recent issue, and those going back through the beginning of 2008, as well as many other exclusive online features. Then email your resume along with a cover letter that explains what you can bring to _____ Magazine as an account manager. You can start earning commissions right away by selling ads in the spring issue! *Note that only applicants for this position will be considered, so please do not send in queries on graphic design or writing positions. Thank you, Ariella Brown{My post did not go through. Instead, I got the following from the moderator:}

Haven't we been through this all before? Please do not post content
like this to FTS. I am not going to spend hours arguing this back and
forth with you via e-mail; I will just delete any future non-compliant
posts like this.

This is commercial content, and you cannot post it to the list. Thank


Esther said…
Just a thought, based on a requirement we have at our publication. Maybe they object to the sentence where you are describing your magazine ("high quality", etc.), and require you just to describe the actual job requirements only.
Ariella said…
If that were the case, Esther, they could have simply edited out those 2 words. The posting I showed from the energy company was edited by the moderator. I didn't put in those brackets; they were in the post just as it went up. And my post was accepted with the same wording plus the full name of the magazine and website URL at Teaneck shuls, NYC shuls, and other such lists. And Teaneck shuls also has restricted policies on business listings, particularly for those not located in Teaneck. I was posting a job for the 5 Towns where I am located.

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