2 pockets of literal thinking

I am working on clearing up my desk today and happened across a clipping I had saved to use as the subject of a blog post. This appeared in a Northern NJ based Jewish publication in Sivan. It's a business card sized ad that says on top: "What's in Your Pocket?" It's not about keys, wallets, or even a segulah thing but 2 coins. As it explains [capitalization in source]:
Rebbe Simcha Bunim Said to His Students:
Every person should have two pockets;
And he can use each when he needs it:
In one pocket is placed the statement, "The world was created for me."
And in the other pocket: "I am dust and ashes."

Below that is a picture of the coins, but it is not clear enough to fully make out what they say or what the one on the left actually illustrates. Yet, for only $14.95 per set, you can have this "HUMILITY AND JOY COIN SET" to allow you "LIVE THE WISDOM" by carrying them "IN YOUR POCKETS."

What a pity that so few women's skirts come with pockets. Do you think it would work in a handbag?


SephardiLady said…
I can't imagine any great Rabbi spending $14.95 for something you could make yourself with a pen and paper.

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