Well, who wouldn't want a wife, I mean a Yiddeshe mother

Interesting that following my posting on quotes on successful marriages, I find the following. Josh allowed his blog to be used as a forum for one husband's defense of megirot. excerpt here:
My Chardei wife has been involved in megeriot for 4 years. It has absolutely changed her life and mine. She couldn't take care of our household of 8. I was washing dishes. I was doing alot of the cooking and I almost couldn't take anymore the non stop arguments between me and my wife. It was gehinnom. when I saw my wife changing, little by little, each month it was amazing. She became a Yiddeshe mother. No more anger. Her strength came back, and she does EVERYTHING in the house.

For the full post see:
Thanks to Mother in Israel for directing readers to this.

and to fully appreciate my title, see an essay included in many anthologies I used when teaching college composition and rhetoric:


shifra said…
I wish I could meet this Yiddeshe mother. She has a family of 8 and she does everything?!
I only have a family of 3, and even this is too much for me. My husband B"H helps alot, but....his seforim are collecting alot of dust....

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