Sounds like a joke, but I think they're serious

After all, good taste is not part of the equation of "reality" TV, or most TV today (another reason to get rid of it -- not just the sake of the kids). Anway here's the post:

Want to be on TV looking for an authentic New York/Long Island moth

Posted by: "" lmechanick

Thu Jun 19, 2008 1:55 pm (PDT)

Want to be on TV?

We have been asked to help find the ideal candidates for
a new reality show executive produced by
Ryan Seacrest that will air on NBC!

If you fit the profile below, contact me or the producer directly.

Are you a single guy looking for love?
Is your mother helping with the search?

If you have a no-nonsense Yenta for a mom who is
always trying to fix you up, give us a call. We are
looking for an authentic New York/Long Island
mother and son pair.

This is your chance to be on a dating show where moms
will try to find nice girls for their sons.

If interested, call the producer NOW at 310-270-7791.


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