Expectations and Actions

Here's my approach to paying bills. Yesterday, the appliance repairman came while I was not home. I had told my son to let him in. (He's a frum man, BTW). So he fixed the problem and left the bill. When I got home that evening, I called him immediately to ask if he was going to be in the area to pick up payment or if I should get it to him. He opted for the latter. So first thing this morning, I brought the check right to his house.

That is why I rally do not appreciate being given the runaround by people who owe me money. I do not enjoy calling, emailing, and faxing countless reminder - 2 weeks later, then 30 days later, then even 60, 90, and over 120 days later. It is just wrong to delay payment from someone who doesn't have the means to tack on fees like your mortgage company does or interest like your credit card company does; or shut your utilities like the phone, gas, and electric companies do for tardy payment. That is really a violation of halacha even if "everybody does it."

But things are so ridiculously distorted that we begin to anticipate being given the runaround. I found myself delightfully surprised when a new advertiser -- Sleeptight Bedding paid promptly with no reminders.


SephardiLady said…
Another good reason to get your financial house in order and stabile: you can fulfill the mitzvah of paying workers on time, every time because you have the money available and it becomes as simple as writing a check.

Perhaps if paying immediately with no fuss was attached to some segulah?

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