I am not making this up

(as Dave Barry is wont to say) The following is lifted directly from the area email list 00 just the phone number has been eliminated.

"Hi I am looking to buy a house and I need to boost my credit.Can you
please put me on your citicard or at&t card as an additional user? You
don't have to give me the card just add me to it. If you are willing
to do this please call me @ 718 -------- or email me.Thank you"

The same person has another email asking for loans for a down payment, so you are looking at an individual who is lacking both credit and resources asking to be made a partner in your own credit.


ProfK said…
P.T. Barnum famously said: "There's a sucker born every minute." Anyone who responds to the requests made is that sucker. A stranger "only" wants to be listed on your credit cards and only wants donated money to buy a house? Let them get that house the old fashioned way: let them earn it. You know, work, a job, savings? And if their problem is that they can't afford to buy where they want to live, then either don't buy or buy somewhere where you can afford.
Chaim B. said…
SephardiLady said…
In addition to ProfK's comments, I'd be worried about identity theft. Having learned what I've learned in life, I'm not sure who, if anyone you can trust. Your kids? Sometimes. Your parents? Sometimes. A stranger? Don't even go there. . . even if you don't give her your credit card.

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