Quick is not right in context

Way, way back I put up a post on my now gone forever Wordpress blog entitled "One degree please, make it a double and hold the education" about the programs geared toward granting seminary girls a bachelor's degree after only a year (plus a summer or two) enrolled in the program with the degree granting college. There is also an option to get a master's in education and special ed or literacy. For nursing, though, the BS will be stretched out to 2 1/2 years. the slogan for the program is: "Earning a degree? Do it quick. Do it right." Can you guess what really, really bothers me about this? It is not merely the fact that what is "quick" is presented as the idea and equated with "right," though that is rather irksome. What really bothers me is the grammatical ignorance that the slogan reflects. Quick is an adjective, not an adverb. One cannot do a degree, or earn it [if you can apply that term to such a program], quick but rather quickly. However, people don't often use the word "quickly" in conversation, so that it has rather an unfamiliar ring. The synonym "fast" could have been substituted to solve that particular problem; it functions as both an adjective and adverb.


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