Gotta love those cure-all segulas

I got the following email:


You now have the opportunity to donate the minimal amount of $72 for Chai Rotel Mashkeh on the holy day of Lag B’omer. Countless people saw great Yeshuos and Refuous, it has been proven a powerful Segulah (talisman) against barrenness, illness, shidduchim difficulties and countless other crises in people's lives. Just visit _____ and click on “Take Part”."

May the Zchus of the holy Tana Reb Shimon Bar Yochai always protect you.


[But, apparently you have to buy that protection for a minimum of $72. Why should a yeshua require a minimum payment of $72? Why not $36 or even $18, or even some amount not divisible by 18? What a commercial use of RaShBY's yotzeit. And, you know, based on what we know of Rav Shimon Ben Yocahi, I would say he would be one of the last people to hawk yeshuos. Remember, he was the man who learned in the cave with his son for years and years. When he emerged, his burning gaze literally burnt the people he saw. So he doesn't seem like the type to be sympathetic to quick fixes for 72 bucks.]


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