Spring 2008 issue now available online

To view the PDF, click http://kallahmagazine.com/spring2008.pdf
Read about engagement ring setting, shalom bayis advice, recipes for desserts you won't have to skip, a review of an aquarium a bit off the beaten track, and much more.


SephardiLady said…
Great issue Ariella. I like the marriage advice on p. 36 and hope to point to it. But, back to cleaning the dining room for me.
Ariella said…
Thank you, SephardiLady. You should also like the Ms. Maven piece of advice. We will leave our dining room until next week. But I already got the car done and my husband started clearing out some of the kitchen cabinets. Now, I hope my daughter will do her bedroom, but it takes almost as much energy to get her to do it as it does to actually do it. My son, on the other hand, seems to be doing his bedroom multiple times. He vacuumed it "for Pesach" on Friday (after I vacuumed it for Shabbos on Thursday) and again today. I wonder how many more times he will do it over these two weeks.
SephardiLady said…
I can relate the the amount of energy it takes to get the kids moving.

There is something very satisfying about mopping a long overdue floor, opening up the leaf and cleaning the cracks, and cleaning the wood to sparkling.

We are eating in the kitchen this Shabbat. I've prepped the kids for this scenario. Hopefully it will go well.

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