What do you think of very aggressive fundraisers?You know the type whose knee jerk reaction to any offer on your part is a demand (not request, mind you) that you increase it.� The type who insinuates that this is not a donation but money you MUST fork over.� The type that makes assumptions about your disposal income without actual knowledge of your situation?

I am not of the belief that the end justifies the means.� In other words, just because you are attempting to raise money for a good cause, you are no longer exempt from the obligation to treat people with respect and honesty.� It amazes me that people think otherwise.� They seem to take it as a given that fundraisers will adopt aggressive and even rude tactics to gain their ends.

When it comes to such things, I am very much of the belief that vinegar will draw less than honey.� Not to say, I seek honor and flattery—just a thank you that acknowledges you could have chosen to spend your tzedaka dollars anywhere you like and selected this particular cause to support.


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