My rant on shopping for girls

This could also be titled "Why frum people must pay top dollar for their girls' dresses." I've already accepted that fact for my older girls, and dutifully went to Brooklyn where a regular (not outstanding) Shabbos outfit from the new line in sizes 12 and up would run you $78-$100 easily. But now it looks like this state of affairs may apply even for my six-year-old. In a standard store, just about all the dressy dresses are sleeveless and many of those are styled not to work well with sweaters on top And some go even further, or should I say skimpier, with their dresses for little girls. I was just on the Kohls site and found that quite a lot of the dresses in the range of size 7 and up look like costumes worn by adult women figure skaters. Anyway, I don't get it. These dresses are really intended to be worn on Easter, which falls out in March. Hello, March is not summertime, daylight savings time notwithstanding. March temperatures rarely rise above 60 degrees, and often fall out in the 40's -- not exactly sundress friendly weather. So why don't the dress manufacturers make something more appropriate to this season, not to mention appropriate in general?


SephardiLady said…
You might want to try some consignment stores. I was recently in a consignment store and I found what could only be descripted as a size 7 "Shabbos Suit." The store was not in a frum area, but there were also plenty of "Shabbos (Winter) Coats."

I find consignment stores carry a lot of classic types of clothing. There were plenty of girly dresses (clothes clearly met for girls, as opposed to the suits that many young girls wear, but are really more like mini-adult clothes) and the prices were great as well as the quality. The clothes were barely used and quite nice.

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