I've accepted the approach of Pesach

About a month ago (back when I had the Wordpress blog) I posted about Stop and Shop setting out matzah already, not just weeks, but a couple of months before Pesach. As Purim and even Shushan Purim and even the third day for Purim Meshulash is not behind us, I have accepted that I must start thinking about Pesach and even purchased the first of the new batch of matzah ($2.99 with $50 purchase -- only the Israeli brand is free as all brands used to be a few years ago). I haven't completely caved in, though. I did walk into the separate Pesach store set up by Gourmet Glatt, but I didn't even browse. It's just too early to start buying the ketchup, mayo, dressing, etc., etc. I would first need to clear out cabinets. But I do have a lot of certified seltzer and grape juice.


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