FYI for those who may have forgotten something

My husband told me that a certain blogger put out a taharas hamishpacha related question to her audience. Someone did offer some advice in response. ( I suppose that as she is one of the bloggers who keep their identifies a closely guarded secret that she did not regard this as something not very discreet to post to the world.) Actually, I've heard that particular question addressed in both a refresher class for married women and also online in the Kallah Companion on the yoatzot site. The answers of both differed from each other. I think the reason for their difference in views stems from the assumption of the status of paper. But anyway, should someone find herself in such a situation and cannot reach her own rav or kallah instructor, she can use the internet without putting her query out to the world. She can contact the Yoatzot either by emailing and calling their hotline. Their site is


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