14th Birthday

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Yesterday was my son's 14th birthday. That must be such anti-climactic event for a boy. Anyway, I made him a cake and even put up a "Happy Birthday" sign and some balloons. But he took no notice and only blew out the candles my 6 year-old had placed on the cake to oblige her ... and get the light switched back on.

While I was typing this, I got I call from my sister, who is making her third son's bar mitzvah next week. She called to verify that my husband will speak and asked if I still have the centerpieces I made for my son's bar mitzvah last year. It's nice to get more use out of such things.You can read about them in the Do-It-Yourself Ideas archived on the Money Matters page of www.kallahmagazine.com or read about it in the PDF of last year's issue.


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