New Beginnings and Issues

The blog I was running for the past few years on WordPress is now lost in cyberspace somewhere. So I begin anew with Blogger. Other announcements: the spring issue of Kallah Magazine is now out and available in the 5 Towns. It should makes its way into Queens, Brooklyn, etc. within the next couple of weeks.


SephardiLady said…
Sorry to see your blog and all of the wonderful posts go. Perhaps it will show up in cyberspace someday?
Ariella said…
Oh, well, what can you do. While I do have a computer and disc backup for the website, I never thought of doing that for the blog. But all is not lost, just 99.5%! I did a search and found that Jblog Central had the text of my last 12 posts. However, as the shift at my previous web host resulted in the posts shown in direct rather than inverse chronological order, some of those "latest" posts are actually among the oldest. But I did find a few of the real later ones to preserve on this blog as you see on the following few posts.

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