Another observation on the "new" magazine

One of the features billed on the front cover is called "Ask the Shadchan." That page says: "In respone to your many requests, we have expanded and added our new series, 'ASK THE SHADCHAN', [sic for comma placement error] where JEWISH INSIGHTS MAGAZINE poses your questions to the professional staff at the Make a Shidduch Foundation."

Just a minute, did you not declare this to be your first issue? Then how could you have expanded? You can only expand by enlarging what already exists. If you are creating it anew, you are not expanding but simply adding. They do also use the "added," but in context it sound like they have expanded the magazine -- which implies it had to exist -- and added on this new series. Again, though, how is this series newer than anything else? If the magazine is new, then everything in it should be new, as well. Oh, well, so long as there are nice graphics, I doubt anyone notices these things.

But stay tuned for the next post in which I share some of the insights offered by the unnamed shadchan who offers the answers.


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