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Fake selfies and shidduch profiles

As a volunteer shadchan on one of the better-known Jewish dating sites, I can guarantee you that this pic would pull in a lot of attention and get yeses from boys -- even those  who claim their priorities are Torah, chesed, etc.  The problem is this girl not only doesn't exist but is the fantasy projection of a an underaged girl achieved via some makeup and an awful lot of digital filtering on a selfie. I just wrote a blog post for a client about Dove's latest video for its Self-Esteem project.  While I was writing, I was also thinking about all those single girls who are skipped over all the time because they are "not pretty enough." Like the girl in the video, they may be perfectly lovely, natural-looking girls. But that doesn't catch the eye of the boys or the shadchanim looking for them who have come to expect that artificial perfection achieved only through massive amounts of makeup, cosmetics, hair extensions, waxing, and possibly surgery to show such plu

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