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Review of Bingo in Inwood

Bingo is a discount supermarket known as the kosher Costco. Previously, those who wanted to shop there had to brave Borough Park, Monsey, or Lakewood. But just last week, one opened on Burnside Avenue in Inwood where Stop & Shop used to be until it moved farther up Rockaway Turnpike a few years ago. The store just opened last week. Today was a big day for the store, and the parking lot was just about full by the time we left. Here's my take on the experience and pricing. People like the self-checkout as you shop option. However, to get it on the spot, there was a rather long lines that caused a bottleneck at the entrance. I had previously signed up for the loyalty card that was supposed to allow for that, but the store gives itself a lot of time to mail. Asking for it at the courtesy desk was useless, as the person wasn't interested in looking up the account. We ended up checking out with a cashier, but that's wasn't too bad. The people ahead of us weren't buy s

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