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The end of the triumvirate

This past Shabbos, I posed the question: if Moshe and Aharaon were told that the reason they were barred from entering E"Y and were to die in the midbar, why did Miriam have to die? My husband searched around a bit and found:

ג] ותמת שם מרים, זו מתה בלבד מכל
 הנשים שיצאו ממצרים, שלא מתה אשה
 במדבר, שנאמר (יהושע ה, ד) כל העם היוצא
 ממצרים הזכרים כל אנשי המלחמה מתו, ולא
 הנקבות, תו למה מתה מפני הבאר שנתנה
 בשבילה שלא היה אפשר לה שתהא קיימת והבאר
 שנתנה בזכותה מסתלקת. דבר אחר, מפני שהיא
 שוה למשה ולאהרן בגדולה, ששלשתן היו
 פרנסים טובים לישראל, שאינו בדין שיסתלקו
 ומרים קיימת לכך קדמה תחלה ומתה.
  (מדרש אספה)

To translate: Miriam was the only one among the woman who left Egypt who died. None of the others dd , as we learn from the verse in Yehoshua, which tells us that all the nation that left Egypt died. The males, all who went to war died, and not the female. She died before the well that was in her merit was removed, for…

Jane Austen on Mr. Right

Though Elizabeth is the heroine that most Austen readers love to identify with, most will not be int her situation. The overwhelming majority of women will not get to marry the equivalent of  Mr. Darcy, nor should they. Jane Austen is fully aware that not all marriages will made of matches that appear quite that light an bright and sparkling. As a realist, she offers different models for marriages. While some are from ideal, as featured in Pride and Prejudice, Austen shows that a match need not be spectacularly impressive to be right.  There are other marriages that work out quite well for people who know how to recognize that Mr. Martin is not just "good enough" but really the right man to marry and don't delude themselves into thinking they will get Mr. Knightley.  What makes the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth work is not that he has the most money to offer, but that she learns to appreciate his integrity and realizes that she can trust him. The theme is also p…

Dixie Yid: Videos of African American Ger Tzedek's Tena'im, C...

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