Thanksgiving in the Parasha

No turkey here. Chazal say that Leah was the first person ever to offer thanks to Hashem. We see that in Parshas Vatyetzeh, she named her fourth son Yehudah to say "Hapa'am ode es Hashem" [This time I will than G-d]. As Leah and Rachel knew that Yaakov would be the father of 12 tribes through 4 wives, Leah saw with the fourth child born that she was allotted the greater share of sons.


Lion of Zion said…
what about all the people who brought korbanot, going back to kayin and hevel?
Ariella said…
The korbanot did not count as Hoda'a. It seems that Leah was the first to think of actually expressing her thanks in words and in the name of her child. And Chazal give her credit for that. Her son gets credit for teshuva in admitting his role in public despite the embarrassment of the situation. That ability passed on to David who instantly confessed himself in the wrong when confronted by Nathan the navi.
Lion of Zion said…
why don't korbanot count as hodaa?

i guess in some cases there is no way to know whether the korban was hodaa or appeasement (or something else), e.g., with kayin and hevel or avraham in alone mamre.

but what about eliezer prostrating after finding rivka?
or yitzhak naming rehovot.

but anyway, certainly leah was first to do so explicitly and verbally

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